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UNIX Assembly components (shellcodes)

Techniques of writing shellcodes for different operating systems and CPU architectures. Research covers IRIX/MIPS, HP-UX/PA-RISC, AIX/PowerPC/POWER, Ultrix/ALPHA and Solaris/SPARC platforms
as well as Solaris, Linux, BSD, SCO and BeOS running on Intel x86 processors.

Paper Slides Source Presented at Black Hat 2001 (Las Vegas)

Kernel Level Vulnerabilities (Behind the Scenes of 5th Argus Hacking Challenge)

Vulnerabilities and exploitation of OS kernels. Techniques developed and used in a successful attack against military-grade Argus Pitbull security system and winning 50k USD in the 5th Argus Hacking Challenge.

Paper Slides Source Presented at Black Hat Europe 2001 (Amsterdam) and 18C3 Congress (Berlin)

JAVA and JVM Security Vulnerabilities and their Exploitation Techniques

Compendium about breaking Java and JVM security. Describes security model (language features, applet sandbox, security manager, bytecode verifier), classes of vulnerabilities and exploitation methods.

Paper Slides Source Presented at Black Hat Asia 2002 (Singapore)

WIN32 Assembly components (shellcodes)

Project dedicated to research of techniques for writing shellcodes on Windows OS. Presents stealth
and customizable shellcode offering full remote control over compromised machine.

Paper Slides Source Presented at HiverCon 2002 (Dublin)

Microsoft Windows RPC Security Vulnerabilities

Case study of two very critical remote security issues discovered by the group in 2003 which affected all major versions of Microsoft Windows and had a huge impact on overall Internet security (Blaster worm).

Slides Source Presented at HITB 2003 (Kuala Lumpur) and Microsoft HQ (Redmond)

Security Myths

Presentation about various aspects of practical computer security. Observations based on experience
from analyzing, breaking and defending computer systems and networks for almost a decade.

Slides Presented at HITB 2003 (Kuala Lumpur)

Vulnerabilities / Exploits Archive

Proof of concept codes for security vulnerabilities in various operating systems and platforms.
Historical archive - all issues are known, fixed and at this point of time mostly obsolete.

Irix Solaris AIX HP-UX SCO BSD Linux Windows JVM